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Brestrogen and Triactol reviews

The brand Triactol has gone, but its not bad news. There’s been a change and now Brestrogen are the leading breast enhancement cream. I had amazing results from Triactol in the past but since Triactol sold out to Brestrogen, a friend of mine Britney has used my website template and written her own review about her experience with the new formula Brestrogen.

So what are the major differences since Triactol went to Brestrogen:

  • Brestrogen is Cheaper
  • A changed formula means Brestrogen is seeing faster results

So check out Britneys Brestrogen Reviews here.

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My Triactol Review and Experience

Hi, my name is Sally and I want to give you my personal experience of Triactol, so I had a friend create me this website so I can tell you about my personal expereince.

I was 24 years old when I first tried Triactol and use to have a bra size of 34A. I was at an age where looks and confidence is everything, especially when meeting guys. I was a single girl in California, probably the worse place to live when you are not comfortable with your body. I would go out with friends who have bigger breasts than me which really stuck out to the guys so the guys were always naturally drawn to my friends. This caused me to have a big confidence breakdown over the years and I really wanted to change this so I decided to naturally take action.

Research on Surgery, Cream or Pills?

As you may know California is famous for its cometic surgery but it's so expensive, so I decided to research on the internet what other possibilities were out there for breast enlargement which are affordable. This is when I found a number of creams and pill brands on the internet all claiming the same thing, that they can make a difference. I certainly did not want to try the dangerous pills as I have no idea what I would be allowing into my body so I decided on a cream as they are made from natural plants and done not enter my body.

Why I Chose the Triactol Serum Cream?

Triactol Cream Results

After a full day of research, I found many brands but there was one that stuck out for me and that was Triactol. An article that helped me make this decision was from the Womens Health Group America that gave a great insight about the product. My next main reason to choose Triactol was the 60 days money back guarentee. I feel that if a product can be this confident and sure of themselves that they will give you your money back if it doesn't work then this has to work. Another reason I decided on Triactol was the free advice that they offered to get the best results. So I decided to give it a go because it was a win win situation for me. The picture to the right is the packaging of the product when it arrived.


Triactol promise results within 3-6 weeks with a size increase of up to a cup which falls within their guarantee, so I took on the challenge and here are my results...

My results were amazing, I had gained a cup size in 5 weeks of using the cream and felt much more confident when I went out as I was wearing a size 34B bra. I then wondered whether this can go much further so I spoke to the customer service team at Triactol and they said from previous experiences that customers have gained anything up to 2 cup sizes but she said it is much slower progress so I continued for another 12 weeks. After completing a course of 6 months, I am now walking around wearing a 34C cup bra and I couldn't be happier! See my picuture on the right of the before and after effect that I took. I have now not used the product for 5 months and my results are still the same with no reductions.

Why I advise you to Buy Triactol?

Triactol has given me my confidence back. I now feel great when I go out, I enjoy wearing bikini's on the beach and I now have an amazing boyfriend. Without Triactol, I could never have felt this way about myself and I owe all my happiness to this great product. This is why I wanted to write about it and tell the world about my experience because I believe this product really changed my life. For any of you girls who may have small breasts like myself or have been breast feeding and become a little saggy, then this product really is for you, it not only enlarges your breast size but also firms them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions and please let me know about your personal results after you have finished the course.

Triactol is no longer availablle but visit Brestrogen for the alternative with faster, better results - - Click Here.

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Selina Meirez
Hi Sally, I am not sure if you remember but I emailed you 2 months ago and now I want to share how amazing Triactol has been for me. Two months on I am delighted with the results, I have gained a cup size and I will continue on to get one more cup size, I just want to tell you THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH, Selina x

Terry Gomez
I have just completed 2 months worth of Triactol as recommended by you and it has been crazy awesome. I have increased a cup size and now ordered the 6 months Christmas special offer package to complete my transformation. I can't wait for the next 6 months ahead to complete my course of cream and I will report back then. I am sooooo happy right now, thank you for this Sally x

Sally, I don't think I really need to say anything more than THANK YOU for helping me make the best body changing decision EVER xxx

Emma Rogers
At first I weren't sure abut this cream but after one month, I am seeing amazing progress which is proved by the fact that my bra is getting much tighter now and I am going bra shopping this weekend, Thank you so much, Emma

Hi Sally, I visited your website months ago and now at the end of a 6 months course of Triactol. The results have been exactly as you said they would be and my confidence is now at an all time high. I now love to sunbath in the park as much as I can and show off my new found assets. The journey has been worth it and it was so simple to get there with a small investment compared to the surgery options that I looked at. I am so greatful for your help and your website's support for us girls, love Heidi

Natalia Vertez
The price is quite high I think but I always think you get what you pay for and this is one of those product.

My Story
Hi Sally, I just wanted to give your readers my story and tell everyone how amazing this product really is. It took me only 2 weeks to notice a change in my breasts and then 4 weeks for me to go up from a 32A to a 32B. Then after 3 more months a considerable change happened where I am now wearing a 32C. I have now not used Triactol for 3 months and my bra size continues to be the same at 32C and my confidence is booming. This really is the best product ou can buyif you to are flat chested and wanting to increase your breast size without going through surgury. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story and I hope to hear more people with the same success.

I don't want to repeat what the other girls have said on here so I will give just two words that describe the results for me - amazing and confidence!!!!

Jennifer White
WOW, I am a tall girl with a very slim physique, most of my friends say I am lucky but I just didn't have the assets my friends have so after reading your blog, I decided why not give it ago and the difference has been fantastic. All my friends have been noticing the difference and many of them even though they have perfect great size breast are now going to use it. I am so glad I found your page Sally and it's great to see all the other girls showing you and this product the appreciation it deserves. Thank you so much for enabling me to feel good about myself and I hope more girls like us can have this kind of happiness :)

Charlotte Cox
Ever since I was 16, guys at high school used to bully me for being flat chested which was horrible and always thought I can never be happy by the pool or on the beach. I really wanted to have surgery for breast enlargement but it is so expensive but then I found this website. 3 months later, things have changed in my life so much and it's all thanks to you and the Triactol Serum. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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